Dancing with Death - Installment 7

“We had a good following, as far as a local band can go,” I continue. “Die hard fans wherever we went, but it got old. Turns out we’d always see the same people each week. So we escaped. Half of us, I should say, made the move to Pittsburgh. We hid our move to Pitt under the guise of a little white lie. We weren’t moving to make money and come back to Carlisle. We were moving for good.”
“So you just left your family and friends back there, while you came to make it famous in the city?” She interjected.
Finally, she was starting to loosen up a little.
“Yeah, basically, it seemed the right thing at the right time, and in reality, it was,” I said. “Within a year we struck up a record deal with new musicians to replace the old ones. We were still Tortured Blue, though only the singer and I were left as original members. To cut to the point though, as to not lead you on Miss…”
”...Miss Rivers, our record deal made us famous.”
She had no idea what she was about to put me through.
To be cont…

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