But the fire burned out

’’Ann can’t you see I love you ?’’ charles questioned with his usual gaze of hatred.
’’Charles we both no you dont give a damn about me or the baby ok so unless you become a real man or person in this case you can walk your ass out of here !’’ If this was a soap opera like the ones I always watch I would say this was so staged but it was real this discusting animal I alowed to control my life is more like a beast and needs to be tammed and I wont take his shit any longer it is eitheir him who leaves or me !
’’Ann please I am ready to take the responsiblity will you marry me’’ he said with a angered stern voice I just wasn’t buying it. Why did he want o marry me anyway it isn’t like I am loded or something I have ten grand in the bank but that is my life savings so he can back him self up a couple of spaces if that is what he thinks he is getting his hands on if he marrys me.
’’Look Charles you see that candle over there it burned out just like our love ! ’’

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