Where do old songs go when they die?

I scan through the ‘Funeral’ CD and I can’t find that song.

I remember listening to ‘Funeral’ with the volume up high and I remember singing along with Win – the male vocalist. Where did that song go? Something about ‘My Heart’, something about ‘These Kids’. I remember the words resonated with the loneliness I feel when driving my car on dark, empty roads. Something about ‘The Light’, something about ‘My Name’. I remember the horns sounded like my soul: bright in the fog. The bass matched my pulse, the guitars mimed my thoughts, the xylophone mimicked the words, and the piano played my heartstrings. I love that song. I’ve lost that song.

I remember the track sat in the middle of the CD.

There are ten songs on ‘Funeral’ – that song is somewhere around 5, 6, or 7. The lyrics remind me of punk anthems I used to know in high school. Maybe it’s track 3 or 8. The gothic dirges were in concert to my rebellion of my sophomore year – both of which ended when I dropped out of college.

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