The Perfect Sandwich

Ted had decided to make himself a sandwich. He took all of the things that he needed to make it with out of the places they were being stored and set them on the work surface in front of him.

He placed a slice of white bread down, then he cut some cheese and placed it on the top, put a big blob of mango chutney on top of that and then finally, he carefully placed another slice of bread on top to finish it off.

He then cut the sandwich in half starting from the top left corner, cutting all the way down to the right and then vice-versa creating 4 neat little triangles.

“The perfect sandwich”, exclaimed Ted as he placed them all carefully onto a little plate and held it aloft.

He stood there admiring his creation a little longer. He thought about how good it was going to taste, how the cheese was going to feel on his tongue and how the sweetness of the mango chutney was going to combat the strong zing that the extra mature vintage cheddar had.

Suddenly a dog ran in making him drop it.

“Oh, what?! Great..”

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