*Two Down (Fake Smoke)

The gates swung open for Jeff’s Porsch, thanks to the dark tinted windows Susan was covered .She parked the car and made her way to the back of the house. There he was black greasy hair, roll of fat hanging over his size to small trunks, lounging by the pool. Some blonde bimbo at his side.
Susan stepped out, hand on the gun in her pocket.
“Susan, my dear I’ve been waiting for you”, he motioned for the bimbo to leave.
“Not long I hope” she walked closer surveying the area.
“Please sit Susan, less talk about this tragedy”.
” I’am fine here; Richard just give me the file and I’ll walk away”.
“Sorry that won’t happen, dear”.
Susan’s finger wrapped around the trigger, she gritted her teeth.
“Susan, you should have married me, all this could have been your’s and still can” he offered.
The thought made her ill.
” I don’t think so” she pulled the gun from her pocket it went off.
Richard placed his hand on his chest and drew it back staring at the blood, he tumbled from the chair.
Two down.

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