The Insane Knight Finds a Head

The duo started to leave, but then a dragon walked across their path. It had a giant head in its mouth.

“So that’s what killed the giants and started the fires!” exclaimed The Insane Knight.

The dragon heard him, looked down, and breathed fire, causing him to drop the head. The Insane Knight ducked out of the way. Tlod got hit, but he was already on fire, so it didn’t really matter.

The dragon lunged at The Insane Knight, intent on burning him. The Insane Knight swung his imaginary sword. Incredibly, it worked. The dragon thought that invisible swords existed. The dragon ducked and swayed out of the way. After a few hours of this, the dragon thought he got defeated by the invisible sword, so he just laid down and waited to die.

The Insane Knight inspected the giant head, then looked at Tlod.

“Would you like a temporary head?”

Tlod shrugged, grabbed the head, and placed it on his shoulders.

“Lets get that bastard who took my head!” the giant head on the burning dwarven zombie shouted.

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