As she blew out the 11 candles on her birthday cake, we all sang in a cheery, melodic tone. The candle in the middle was still flickering, it was pink. She hates pink, I thought to myself. But, I shrugged, forgetting this.
I ran up to her,”What did you wish for?”. She took her curly dirty blonde hair, and pulled it back into a taut ponytail.”I wished I could be a millionaire,”, that, is soo her!

I remember, the reason we were such good friends. Basketball. She was the one who encouraged me to try out, and we all made it!
I remember singing our favorite songs out loud, recording them. I sang Te Takeover, The Breaks Over, by Fall Out Boy, she sang Rockstar, by Nickleback. That day was so much fun.

I tried drawing her face, but I couldn’t, it was too complex. I totally forgot the freckles, and I did her almost cemetrical eyes all wrong. But, she didn’t care, she took the sketch anyway.

She’s such a good friend!

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