Letter From a 4th Grader to a Gym Teacher Stating the Reasons Crocs Should Be Acceptable as Gym Wear

Dear Mr. Bambel,

There are many reasons Crocs are good for your feet. First of all, when you sweat in gym class, Crocs have these nifty little holes that can drain your stinky sweat. These holes help your feet breathe and not gross out your friends.

Crocs are very comfy too. They are made of light rubber that you can barely feel on your feet when you walk! And if you want your Crocs to stay on especially you can put the strap up on the back of the shoe. That way they won’t fall off when you run in gym.

Crocs are my favorite type of shoe and I have 5 pairs of them in light pink, lime green, purple, orange and red. I wear them almost every day (except when my mommy makes me wear nice shoes when we go to church). You should let us wear Crocs to gym class. I’d really like it if you did.

Kaylee Amberlest
4th Grade

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