Crocs, Part Two.

“Attention students!” Mr. Bambel bellowed to the fourth graders as they all scurried to their gym lines. “It has come to my attention that several students have requested to wear Crocs in the place of gym sneakers. It has also come to my attention that several of the administrators have approved the proposal to wear Crocs for gym class.”

At this all the fourth graders at Mount Kinnel Elementary School started cheering and shouting. Not one of them remained seating, even if they didn’t own a pair of Crocs each young student was bouncing up and down. Gym class was forgotten and everyone was laughing and giggling. Their first experience with protesting and requesting had been a success. But still at the front of the gymnasium Mr. Bambel was turning purple.

“ENOUGH!” The gym teacher roared and all the little fourth graders immediately sat back down in their spots. “Any student who comes into gym wearing Crocs will receive one month’s detention!” Mr. Bambel pumped his fist in the air and blew his whistle. End.

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