This Girl

It’s midnight, yet you can find this girl tapping away at her keyboard, determined to accomplish the impossible—can she do it? Can she really write more ficlets then stovohobo? We’ll see… =]

Most people, upon lack of sleep, develop dark circles under their eyes, yawn constantly, and inevitably decide to go back to bed. Not this girl! Instead, oh, what does she call this strange disorder…hmm…well, picture a girl on Mountain Dew instead of a girl who is sleep deprived… =]

We may need to work on self-esteem, but she can teach me things I can never dream of doing; namely, kicking that black and white round thing into a net… =]

If you make fun of her over the cotton balls thing, though, she will probably just laugh… =]

What to say now? Um…hang on, I’ll think of something…or not…okay, that’s it! =]

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