A Ridiculously Unplausible Love Story, or Why Does His Shirt Keep Coming Off? Part Eight

Girl and Guy stood somewhere in Montana, surrounded by trees and snow and trees…and snow…and…um…and trees, and snow….and….Oh whatever it was just trees and snow, ok? Just trees, and snow. That’s all. Nothing else. Nothing. Nada. Kaput. Comprende?!!??!?

Girl suddenly started. “Did you hear that?” she asked Guy, who shrugged and continued trying to put on his shirt, which for some reason didn’t want to go on. “I heard something! Someone crying, or something..” A noise came through the trees. “Heeelp…..meeeee….”
Girl and Guy ran through the trees towards the noise. And what did they find there, lo and behold?

pause for dramatic tension

Hannah Montana, the “teen pop sensation”, lying pregnant in the snow!

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