Mohrak was in such an unrestrained fury he chucked his portal ball too far away. It took him two hours to find the portal, all the while his own cruel words repeating in his head.

...let me see, what’s your name then? Laurelle? Laurelelle? Or even, Loreleielle-lelle-lelle? can just call me gone.

He groaned and ran his fingers through his stupid human hair.

“I’m so stupid!” he muttered angrily to himself, kicking a tree stump and consequently falling into the dirt. He mumbled a string of incoherent curses under his breath as he got up and dusted himself off.

When he found the portal, he was still in a rage at himself, but infinitesimally calmer.

“Po—” No. I can’t go to the goblin capital. I’ve got to set things right, he decided determinedly.

“9295 Goldencrest Court,” he announced to the portal, his human house pictured clearly in his mind.

And then he was there.

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