Josiah Thompson

“Josiah? Open up, it’s your brother.” Holden knocked for the twentieth time. “I know he’s in there!” He clenched his teeth together. A door creaked open across the hall.
“You lookin’ for Joe Thompson? He left a few days ago.” The woman’s cigarette bobbed as she volunteered information.
“Did you know him?” He sniffed. This wasn’t exactly a desirable location.
“Yeah, he spotted me his last twenty. So, you’re his brother? Neva’ talked about his family.”
“Yeah, well. We’re in a rush, so could you tell us where he is?” Holden had neared the end of his patience. Scarlet clung to his arm in order to keep herself erect. It was rather hard to function on an hour’s sleep.
“Can’t say. I think he was in trouble or something. A few days ago, right before he left, some old man and a young guy showed up at ‘is door. They were pesterin’ him about his brother. I can guess they meant you.”
“What did these guys look like?” Scarlet’s brow furrowed.
“The young guy had short, red hair. Long face. Old guy ancient. Maybe 92.”

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