Beautiful Best Friends

That out-of-the-blue email
a friendly note just to say “hi”
and “I love you.”
That random phone call
a warm conversation just to say “What’s up?”
and “Can’t wait to see you!”
Their wide smiles
mischief in their eyes
and a happy-to-see-you air around them.
We call each other “darling”
and “honey”
with surprising affection.
We drink from each others’ water bottles
and steal food
with an unspoken-but-heeded “no asking neccesary” policy.
We cry at sleepovers
and hug each other tightly.
We play Truth-or-Truth
(which one would you choose?)
and laugh together like family.
They’re my pals.
The ones who sparkle and shine with beauty
The ones who cheer me up
and keep me grounded.
The ones who tell me I’m beautiful
when I don’t think it’s true.
We have friendship, warmth, a beacon of blue sky glinting in the storm.
What more could we ask for?

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