The Insane Knight Pillages a Village part 7

“He probably stopped to take care of that Medusa,” Tlod said. He was relieved that the speech impediment had faded. “If what you say is true, then that would explain his Imaginary Sword, the Paper Mache Armor, and the fact that he tamed a dragon so easily.”

“Yes,” Montelban agreed, “He is probably responsible for that Medusa as well. You can see how potentially dangerous this could be. That’s why the Great Wizard, Ted the Off-White, hired me to steal your head. The Insane Knight has to keep thinking he is on a quest. If he is left to his own thoughts, The Gods only know what could happen.”

“The Insane Knight doesn’t have a beard, though,” Tlod said.

“So?” Montelban replied.

“All great wizards have beards. I’ll bet Ted the Off-White has a beard.”

Montelban stood up and dusted himself off. “Well, You have your head, I will take my leave.”

Before Tlod could stop him, he dropped a smoke bomb, but the smoke barely covered his feet, so he kicked Tlod and ran away.

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