20 July 2023 – The glowing area that recently appeared in the middle of my room is still there, unchanged and unmoving. The glow is still a dark violet in color (I can barely see it, while Char, my girlfriend, says it is bright to her.) With Char’s help, I have used chairs and rope to mark-out its circumference.

21 July 2023 – I have made an important discovery regarding the glowing spot, which I now call SPOT , in the middle of my room: things thrown into it disappear. Actually, it was Joey who made the discovery when he tripped coming into my room and spilled a bowl of popcorn all over the place. The pieces of popcorn that went into SPOT didn’t make it to the floor on the other side. Joey spent three hours throwing things into SPOT just to make sure. I had to stop him when he grabbed my hamster, Sam.

22 July 2023 – Stuff has started coming out of SPOT —weird rocks and stuff. One of the rocks, a flat one, has weird markings on it, like writing. Joey wants to send Sam in to do recon. Char is scared

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