Save Me

Ok, now I’m confused. First, I didn’t even ask a question. Second, the Smoke didn’t even answer it, and third what on earth was this egg doing here? I frowned at it. You don’t see very many green eggs around (Unless, of course, you’re in the world of the incredible Dr. Seuss). I stooped over and picked it up. It was heavy, ok, it was really heavy. A lot heavier than it looked. It was smooth too, like how the smooth part of a gold statue feels. It was so smooth I nearly dropped it. I sat down on a rock (fortunately not one that had been scalded by the Smoke) and stared at it. I looked at where it had been sitting in the dewy grass. There, in the middle of the small grass crater lay a piece of parchment. In perfect, flawless cursive it said:

Save Me

And that was it.

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