Flash of Light - ficlet challenge

The flash of light blinded me for at least a minute. It came all of a sudden, I was not expecting it at all. After I recovered my eye sight I turned in the direction of the flash and clocked the nearest thing – which happened to be my idiot friend Bryan – in the temple. He screamed, which was muffled over the noise of the concert, and held the shiny nikon up to me.

“I was just taking your picture, geez.” Bryan rubbed his head and sighed at me. “Remind me of this moment next time I have my camera and you together at the same time.

I smiled, he had been forgiven, and took the camera and flipped through his pictures stopping at the last one, the one of my. My face was turned toward the stage, singing the lyrics along with the lead singer. It was a clever picture and, putting the camera on my lap, I turned and kissed Bryan right on the lips. The music faded away and it was just me and Bryan together…

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