Random Songs {Llama's iPod Challenge}

I don’t have an MP3 device, so I went to my Pandora station & chose the first 10 songs I liked. (Like any radio, it played crap that I hadn’t heard before, so I weeded those out.)

1. Wonderful (It’s Superman) Andy Stochansky (Ani DiFranco’s former drummer)

2. Signal Sparks Sea Food. Never heard it before, but I love melancholy.

3. Go to the Mirror, Boy! The Who. Enough said.

4. Saginaw, Michigan Lefty Frizzell. Never heard it before; nice little folk song. Kinda funny.

5. Saturate Telecast. Nice & melancholy.

6. All My Tears Jars of Clay, my favorite Christian band, because their songs are so varied & beautiful.

7. Everything I’m Not The Veronicas. Never heard it before, but I like the feminist beat.

8. You Can Make Me Free Billy Joel. I love this man & his words.

9. Pearle Trip Shakespeare. A perfect example of their lyrics-don’t-have-to-have-meaning-to-sound-good melancholy.

10. Day after Day Julian Lennon, blessed with John’s vocal & lyrical talents.

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