The Hallucination

Brenton She thought, what a perfect name for such a perfect soul.
“Wow today is perfect for the game, don’t you think?”
Suddenly broken from her thoughts Sasha looked over into his deep blue eyes.
“Yeah, it’s georgeous.” She said, hoping she didn’t sound like she felt.
The sound of crunching leaves and sounds of bird calls Sasha wished she was talented enough to identify, broke what would have been an awkward silence.
“You smell great, whats are you wearing?” Sasha asked.
“Eh, just something Julia picked up for me, I don’t know what it’s called.” Brenton said, not being able to hide the fact that he knew he smelled good.
But Julia… why, why her? Why not me? Sasha thought. As they walked along she wondered if he felt the same tension as she did. That draw to his side, like fighing a magnetic pull to touch him. It had been a while since she had been with a guy, and she could picture being with Brenton, being in Julia’s shoes. As she looked at the sidewalk ahead of her, she saw it all.

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