Icharus Falling, pt. 2 (poem)

You have become the legend reinvented, you are
The story time forgot.
You swim in wind currents, searching the sky for fire
The stars have rewritten your name in the heavens,
But you belong to the earth.

You fall from me daily, my Icharus.
The feathered sails of your crude wings are crooked,
They are making you sink and even the wind
Cannot touch you here.

Meanwhile I weave my web with pretty patterns,
Hoping to lure you into my clutches and snap you up
Pin you down
Like a foolish little fly, until I tire of you,
And let you fly from me, drop from me.

I tethered your wings to a cloud, thinking it for the best
But I learned too late—
Your feathers were not meant for sky.

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