My First Time

I stepped out on stage the lights were bright and hot.
I started sweating almost immediately.
Maybe it was nerves being my first time,
but the heat was like noon in the desert.
The audience didn’t make a sound.
I confidently spit out half of my set I was clearly bombing.
I knew this was my only chance to prove myself to my family.
I could be somebody in the comedy world.
” I took a drink and wiped my face.”
I had to step it up.
A third of the set I heard a few chuckles,
but not the laughter it was going to take to make it in the biz.
I told the last joke of my set, staring out into the crowd ;
I was finished for sure.
When laughter came from the back of the room.
“A deep voice laughed like I was the funniest thing since Chris Rock”.
I looked around standing in the doorway it was my dad.

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