The Bonfire

The light of the campfire lit their faces. There were a good number of guys there, but for some reason Sasha didn’t see them. At least not the way she saw Brenton. He lay next to her in the grass, as she sat with her legs crossed finishing a meaningless text to someone. She wanted so badly to lean back and lay next to him… but what would Julia think? She just couldn’t do that to her.
“So what have you been up to Sasha? I haven’t seen you since the football game.” Brenton said, with one arm resting his head, bicepts flexing and shadowing in the light of the fire. With the way his shirt was fitting him she could see the lines of definition in his chest and abs, and she knew that the bonfire wasn’t the only thing making her warm.
“Nothing much, just been down at the barn alot. I’ve been doing some shows with Story on the weekends. Keeps me busy most of the time keeping up with her.” Sasha responded. She knew he understood how much she loved horses, so he understood how much time she spent at the barn.

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