Sarah's Life Before Simon {Blue's Second Challenge}

Sarah Todd had always been psychic. Nobody thought anything of it at first. When she was 5, she’d known her mother was about to say that Nana had died, but her parents willfully mistook her paranormal intelligence for an extraordinary perception.

However that night when she was 14, everything changed.


“Sarah!” Mrs. Todd scolded, hearing her daughter step downstairs. “You should be in bed. You have school in the morning.”

“I won’t be going,” Sarah replied, seeming unusually forlorn, even for her.


“You’re not going to send me,” Sarah tried again.

“Some sort of Jedi mind control attempt?” Mrs. Todd almost laughed.

“No,” Sarah rushed forward, crying, into Mrs. Todd’s arms.

“Sarah? What’s wrong?”

“Daddy,” Sarah weeped. “He died in a fire at the warehouse.”

“Oh sweetie, you must’ve had a bad dream.”

“Really bad,” Sarah agreed.

The phone rang, and both tensed. Good news never calls after midnight.

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