Further Gorram!

He knew! Nobody ever knew! Not even her mother, who knew of the ability.

Sarah was so surprised at his thought confrontation, she bolted straight up in her seat. And saw Simon looking at her.

Gorram! She thought, having no idea what the word meant. It just seemed to fit.

He was walking over to her desk. Further gorram!

“You read my mind,” he said softlly. It wasn’t accusatory; the words were casual and the tone was mere astonishment.

“I’m sorry. I -.” What? Wanted to know if you like me as much as I like you? Yeah, let’s not say that. Oh, crap! What if he’s reading this?

“Why?” He sat in the seat across from her.

“Why what?”


“Why don’t you just read mine for an answer?”

“I can’t,” he said softly. “I don’t have the ability.”

“You knew I was -.”

“I’ve got my own natural talent,” he said mysteriously. “And yours must be very strong if you could get in here,” he tapped his head. “Noone else ever has.”

“I just – like to see if I can,” she lied.

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