A Lost Love's Story

Day 259:
I’ve been here for almost 9 months, not that I know where here is. The only thing I know about here is that it is a temperate climate with trees of many varieties. All I can do is lay low and stay alive. The only tools I have to do that are skills that they taught me and a laser pistol that they provided for me. I also don’t know who they are.
I’m not sure why I keep a journal, since nobody will ever read it.
If I ever get home, I will warn everybody not to visit thesite at the address, I visited that site and I became trapped in a web of, well, secrecy. This type of secrecy is the type that makes you afraid to talk about it. Whenever I think about them I think about Fancy.
I hope Fancy is happy, because it doesn’t look like I’ll ever get to see her again. If anybody ever reads this, I would wish that they would tell Fancy that I miss her and that I will always love her. I hear a patrol coming, so I must go.

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