Time pt.5

The police choppers buzzed low over the rooftops,converging out of nowhere like so many vultures.The shadow looked up, pausing in his flight.He smiled and waved as a spotlight found him.He turned and dove down to ground level,weaving around dumpsters and bags of garbage.He laughed out loud as a S.W.A.T team jumped out of their van in the middle of an intersection, unwittingly helping him with the plan.He shimmied up a drain pipe at full speed,drawing curses from the outclassed S.W.A.T team below.Bullets began to fly,throwing up chips of concrete as the shadow jumped back onto the roof.He quickly checked himself,and finding no more than cuts and scrapes continued on.He almost made it off the roof when a chopper appeared, swinging wide as the shadow jumped to the next roof.Bullets sprayed and found their target,drawing blood.The shadow crumpled in midair and fell between the buildings to the ground below.The police quickly converged on the spot,eager to prevent further time delays.

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