The Insane Knight Finds a Horse

The Insane Knight and his sidekick, Tlod, the dwarven zombie with a temporary giant’s head, stood in front of the burning stables.

“I see no sign of our steeds. They must have escaped safely. But we are left without transportation.”

Tlod started to shrug, then remembered that he had a temporary head now, so he spoke. “Yeah, whatever. Lets go.”

The Insane Knight thought for a second, then grinned the most disturbing grin that Tlod had ever seen. “I’ve got it, Tlod!”

The Knight walked over to the dragon, who was still waiting to die, and said in a commanding voice, “Horse, I have defeated you in battle, but I will permit you to live so that you can serve as my new steed. I’ve thought of a brilliant name for you. I’ll call you Horse!”

The dragon looked confused.

“Thats a dragon, sir!” said Tlod.

The Insane Knight looked down at Tlod as he climbed on the dragons back. “I know a horse when I see one, Tlod. I couldn’t have defeated a dragon in battle.”

Tlod sighed as he climbed on the dragons back.

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