No Road

“What! What?”
“Stop the car.”
“Crap. Wait. Arrgh. Ok… we’re stopped, though I think the guy in the van behind us is going to have a heart attack.”
“Thanks… that was close.”
“What was? Why did we have to stop so suddenly.”
“The sign.”
“What sign? I didn’t see any sign and I do look out for these things.”
“Back there, the sign back there.”
What sign? No one else seems to have seen this mythical sign.”
“There was a sign, it said No Road.”
“No Road?”
“Yes. I figured that was dangerous.”
“No Road?”
“Since when have they had signs that say no road? I mean we are the middle of town here.”
“It did. Really. Go back and look.”
Sigh Ok.”
“No, no. It’s fine. I can see how you got confused.”
“But it did say No Road.”
“It said Norman Road but some kids stolen the letters. Go back to sleep.”

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