Blake's Plan

Simon continued, “Look, I don’t know what to do. I’m tired, and my leg hurts, and I know we don’t have forever but we have four years and three-hundred and sixty-four more days to figure out what Lucifer is up to and whether it can be stopped or we’re just screwed. So I’m going home, and I’m taking a bath, and then I’m falling asleep in front of the TV. Is that a problem?â€?

Blake looked at the kid. He was soft, but had some promise.“Yeah,” he said, “it doesn’t fit with the plan.â€?

“I’m too tired for plans, Blake.â€?

“You’ll like this one. Pancakes are involved. And bacon. And the best-looking waitresses in Chicago. And really good coffee, and hash browns that are perfectly crispy on the outside but sort of mushy on the inside, they’re perfect, trust me.â€?

“Trust you? Breakfast with you is better than a Doctor Who marathon? Not to be rude, but how?â€?

“I can tell you a secret you’d never learn in a million years of study, kid.â€?

“And what would that be?â€? Simon didn’t try to disguise his skepticism.

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