The Day Before

Zoe had gotten home late from school. She had stayed after to hang out with her friends. Time passed and before she knew it the late bus had parked in front of the main office. Still laughing Zoe climbed aboard the bus and took her usual seat in the back row. Taking out her novel Zoe read to pass the time on the empty bus. Her house was the fourth to last stop and it would be about three chapters before she would be home.

Since it was now past five Zoe assumed that everyone would be preparing for dinner so she could slip in and give a simple excuse for why she was late and that would be the end of that. But when the bus driver opened the door Zoe noticed the first thing that was out of place, the first sign. Her parents weren’t home. Zoe used the key on her key ring and opened the door. Everything in the house was dim and silent. It was unusual and Zoe didn’t like it.

Going into her own room Zoe saw something in her sisters room. Walking in she gasped and took the silver revolver from her big sisters hand.

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