Time, conclusion

The shadow lay crumpled at the foot of the building;thrown aside like an old doll.His legs were clearly broken.He clutched his arms against the sides of his body,spasms of pain rocking his lean frame.The police soon surrounded him,guns pointing warily.The chief approached,his boots crackling ominously in the snow.He smiled and squatted in the snow,drawing face to face with the shadow.”So we’ve finally got you,huh?”he said,chuckling softly,”All these years and I’m the one to catch you.”
The shadow started to laugh at this,first no more than a wracking spasm that covered his lips in blood.His laughter grew in intensity,filling the alley and making the surrounding officers shuffle uncomfertably.The shadow took 1 last look around,white mask cracking into a smile as he spit out a tooth and alot of blood.”Times up,motherfukers.”he whispered,and his head slumped to the side.His hands relaxed,allowing a primed grenade to roll silently into the snow at the chief’s feet.The only sound was the shadows echoing laughter.

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