OTOC: Constantly Teased For Her.. Girly-ish-ness When She Flips Out Over A Broken Nail, And Her Fear Of _____

Since it seems to be a new trend [not really.] I’ll put my fears in here.

My number one fear, I am teased constantly for. It’s kinda ridiculous when it gets down to it, but anyway. I’m the type ‘a girl who has to have her nails painted AT ALL TIMES . My nails are beautifully long[ish], but not like, “EW!!” long. I’ll pretty much attack somebody mentally for breaking one of my nails [don’t. ask. Just.. don’t be in that position.].

Yes, I am getting to my fears.

So of course, when you break a nail the paint comes off too and it looks terrible. So what you had to do was either:

Re-paint the same color,
Rub it off using nail polish remover [really?] with a COTTON . BALL.

Yes, yes, have your good laugh. But they’re.. shudder-worthy. In science we had to do a project with cotton balls and I pretty much refused to do it. My partner had to do everything [sorry Andrew!]

I hate the feel of them. Sure they’re fuzzy and all that good shtuff, but.. ughhh. I hate them.

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