The Prophesies

Valtameri peeked around the corner. “Come, Caspian!” Jonathan awoke with a start.
“Where are you taking me?” He rubbed his eyes and followed her.
“I want to show you our 95 Theses. They talk about you.” Valtameri’s cheeks were flushed. Jonathan had to hurry to keep up.
“But what about Winnie? What about the guards? Stop, Valtameri!” He bent over and picked up a few coins. “These are land coins… How’d they get out here?” The mermaid fell silent. “Tell me.”
“Last year,” she started; her voice grave. “A stranger came down. He had all qualities of Caspian. All except his kindness. He has banned us of this world from going to yours. Lest we find the real Caspian. We have lived in fear of him e’er since.”
“He is a landman? But how did he know about the prophesies?”

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