The Shiny Slime Reports {Mock Pop Culture Challenge}


Celebrity Drives Sober!

{picture: Ms. Singer gets into her car without trouble. Mr. Actor sits peacefully next to her.}

HOLLYWOOD , CA. This reporter has just witnessed the most astonishing scene of all time.

Pop Singer and her Big Hit Movie co-star (and rumored boyfriend) Hunky Actor were spotted coming out of L.A. hot-spot Tres Trendy. They appeared civil, sober, and friendly.

“They seemed to have a nice conversation over lunch,” an unidentified waiter said. “They were very nice, and tipped generously.”

“I went over for Hunky’s autograph,” gushed a fan who was in the restaurant. “But Pop was just so friendly, I asked for hers too!”

{picture: a napkin with the two autographs}

When this reporter approached Hunky and Pop, they smiled charmingly and posed for photos. Then, cheerfully waving goodbye, they got into Pop’s car.

This reporter remains astonished. Rest assured that The Shiny Slime will keep you apprised of further odd niceties in La La Land.

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