Drums in the Deep

The shadow of land loomed ominously before them in the fading twilight as the men rowed the boats to shore, lanterns swinging from the bows like fireflies against the dark waves. The captain narrowed his eyes, searching the shoreline for any signs of movement.

“I don’t like it Cap’n,â€? Blinks muttered as he glared at Francis. “Why can’t we wait ‘til daybreak to go ashore? This island be cursed, I feel it in me bones!â€?

Francis leaned forward, smirking at the older man. “Ah, your bones serve you well. But if you just listen closely for a moment…â€?

Screwing up his face, Blinks spat overboard. “I hear naught but the wind,â€? he claimed with a sneer.

“Drums,â€? Captain Dalley broke in, and Francis smiled. Say what they will about the captain, he n’er missed a beat.

Which of course would make things difficult.

The first mate was quiet then, eyes widening as he heard the heart beat like thrum rising faintly over the waves.

“Really, you’re only in trouble when the drums stop,â€? Francis informed him lightly.

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