Silky Seduction

She stares into the myriad of petals contained in this one lonesome flower. She touches the silkiness with her fingertips, relishing the smoothness of the petals. She shivers.
The flower travels down her arm and she closes her eyes in blissful expectation. She leads the flower to her neck and across her chest, welcoming the goosebumps that spring forth from its touch.
She falls onto her bed, her knees having gone weak with the pleasure. She quickly takes her shirt over her head to expose her stomach. The flower joins her and brushes her delicate skin around the navel.
By now, she’s moaning in utter delight as the flower populates her skin with its satin touch. When she is almost beyond reach, his lips finally meet her skin. That’s all it takes to send her over the edge of complete enjoyment.

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