Can You Guess Who OTOC Wrote About? [MBTM's Challenge] Yes, You Do Know Her/Him [Mwaha, I Won't Even Give The Gender!]

[S]He claims to suffer from, “writer’s block”, though after four pages of ficlets and a featured ficlet at that, I’m sure many of us would beg to differ.

Not only does [s]he hold quite a few spots on our “most active” and “most popular” list, [s]he has over 25 favorite ficleteers, and [s]he has that list open to the public! Work your hardest and maybe you’ll be on it =].

Supportive and helpful are but only two words to describe his/her comments! [S]He can be a lil’ silly with his/her comments too, ranging from “mozzarela is my fav. cheese” to “aww soo sweet!Goes perfect with the photo.” [who knew [s]he had a soft side?] to “I was like, she cuts him and bites him, what a sick twisted character you wrote, then I find out its BREAD !!!. Your an evil story telling genuis!” [a compliment or an insult?]

I personally think I’m being too obvious, so I’ll stop now =].

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