Five Years Later

Blake walked up to the diner. Chicago, he thought with a sigh. He opened the door, the neon sign a bright point in the night, and scanned the crowd of customers. He noticed the scrawny kid, now in his early twenties and a kid no more.

Blake approached the kid’s table. “The frakkin Dynamic Duo rides again,” Simon said, thrusting his hand out to shake.

“Five year reunion, huh kid?” Blake replied, clasping hands. “Just a tad bit morbid?”

“Should’ve been the end of the gorram world today,” Simon replied. “Thought it deserved some attention.”

“How’d things end up with you and Angela?” Blake asked.

“Ang and me are getting married,” Simon said with a smile. “Soon as we graduate.”

“Good for you and…” Blake started, but was interrupted by loud gasps from other diner folks. They both turned, expecting to see the worst and receiving it: a woman clad in black leather had pushed thru the doorway and she was dragging a bloody body with blue-tinged skin behind her.

“Kid, is this one yours or mine?” Blake asked.

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