MBTM Ficlet challenge: The Ficleteer

Alarm goes off. She jumps out of bed ,on the radio, blaring, is Soulja Boy’s Crank That. She didn’t really need an alarm, she suffers from a sleep ailment.

She dances around her bedroom trying to decide what to wear to school. She remembers she has soccer practice, she’s excited, she loves soccer and is very good at it.

At one time she loved softball more, but now, soccer was her passion. She loves soccer more than any flavor of yogurt ever invented.

She looks over at her computer, she had left it on last night, still on Ficlets, her favorite site. She loves to write, She is really good, probably better than she even realizes.

“You’re going to be late for school,” her mother calls from downstairs.

“One second,” she answers, as she has a thought of a great challenge on the Ficlet site and wants to type it out quickly while the thought is still bouncing around in her head.

She logs off, goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and she sees it, in the trash bucket ,a bloody cotton ball.

She faints. =]

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