Announcing: The Ficlets Casting Couch Challenge!

In honor of publishing my 69th ficlet, I’m getting on the band wagon and issuing my own challenge.

You’ve all debated with friends over what star is worthy enough to portray your favorite character when Hollywood gets around to making a movie of your favorite novel, comic book, old TV show, video game, breakfast cereal, etc.

Maybe you thought that Robin Williams would have made a better Joker, or that The Rock is the only choice to play Master Chief. Or that Jake Gyllenhall should have gotten the role of Aquaman over Vincent Chase.

So here’s your chance to play Tinsel Town big-shot: take any ficlet or ficlet series, and write down who you think should play the roles of the characters in the ficlet with a brief explanation.

Put the title of the ficlet (or the first in the series) in the title of your addition, as well as Casting Couch Challenge in the title and the tags. Your fellow ficleteers will give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on your choices in the comments.

Let’s make movie magic, baby!

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