His Name is Earl

“Listen Earl,” replied Fender. “I don’t think you realize what we’re dealing with. This isn’t some idle threat. The Gum’Bnds always collect on a bet.”

“That may be true,” replied the cop who was nervously pointing his gun in Fender’s direction, “but ain’t nobody breaks the law in my town.”

“Tell you what,” said Fender. “You can either arrest me right now and we’ll all be dead in a few hours, or you can step out of the way while I save the world, in which case you can arrest me later.”

Confused, Earl lowered his gun as he stared at Fender. Fender would later swear he could see the tiny angel and demon on the officer’s shoulders, debating his next move. Taking advantage of this hesitation, Max shoved the officer from behind and took his gun.

“Nice work,” said Fender.

At that moment the three men were nearly blinded by an object as big as the moon began to glow a bright red. “Wow, they actually sent The Legerdemain,” said Fender, a bead of sweat running down his face. “We meet again old friend.”

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