Just Something

The wind blew the curtains large magical spirals from the tiny opening of the large window of Morria Manor. A whimper of smoke went up from a small teacup. “It seemed that even though there is only a small opening, the wind is going all about the place, Monia.â€? Seira sipped her tea. She was speaking to her own cat, Monia. Monia had dark shiny silky fur with golden memorizing eyes that would make you completely still if you looked at them too long. Well, that’s what you get for keeping it open everyday, my fur stands straight every night I go to sleep. Monia shivered as if she was acting how she felt everytime Monia shivered as if she was acting how she felt every time the sun hits down to the dusk. Seira smiled in amusement, but was quickly cut off by her dog. Don’t listen to this old crack, I think even if the window was closed, she would still have her fur standing straight for every little fear that her family will haunt her in her nightmares. Shadow smiled slyly. Oh, be quiet you! Monia snapped.

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