Just Something Intro

Long ago, when the world was just getting created by the all mighty God, God had to separate everything from the dead to the alive and the angels to the devils. God had a lot to do. After the project Adam and Eve, he had designed a better model, where they had perfect minds and wonderful bodies and where everyone would be reborn. But of course, becoming reborn had needed another step to it. Who would become death? There are legends that when you die you see the white woman the takes you away. Nobody really knows this at all because there is no proof. However, there is one, that’s for sure. Many people think she was immortal since she had been risen up, but no, she was a pure human.
Seira de Vita Exire was the name of “the white woman.â€? If you look at the part of the name “de Vita Exireâ€? in Latin, it means death. You already know now the she was destined for death, but she didn’t know that…

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