Going Uptown

Susan where are you? Weren’t you here just now? My god I must be going crazy! Jon turns and looks down the culvert only to see more homeless like him. Brothers in Dire Straits Money for nothing and the chicks for free that’s what it used to be. Dreams of the young and restless, i dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real, whoa this is too deep, come on Jim. He took a deep draught on his Jim Beam.

He started to make his way out of the park. It was a cool crisp autumn day. The sky was a brilliant blue with wisps of clouds dancing against the red and orange of the maples and oaks. He took a deep breath, the cool air awakening his spirit “Jim it is a great day to be alive!â€? He began humming Money for Nothing walking across 79th with a rhythm in his step.

“What the hell are you doing here?â€? she whispered in his ear, grabbed him by the arm and took him down the sidewalk out of sight from the doorman.

“I, I, Uh just want wh-wh-what’s mi-mi-mine.â€? Jon stuttered in his perplexed stupor.

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