In the Guru's Path {Mock Pop Culture Challenge}

Sir Ben Kingsley woke up early, as always, and walked softly down to the small room at the end of the hall. It was a white room, devoid of furniture, garnished only by a simple meditation rug, a white candle, and pictures of her sacred visage.

He went to one, touched 2 fingers to his lips, then to her photograph. He bowed before her. “Oh Great One, please guide me.”

Cross-legged on the yoga mat, the candle burning, with a hand on each bent knee, Sir Kingsley still resembled Ghandi (who he had played in the film of the same name), but lacked the central theme that the icon had embodied. He needed to search inside of himself for that truth.

He closed his eyes, the guru’s image emblazoned on his eyes. Inhaling slowly and deeply, then exhaling even slower and deeper, he began to chant his mantra: “Gimmee more, gimmee more, gimmee more.”

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