Time Capsule

Savannah sighed as she watched Kayla skip through the ruins of the city. “Were Ben and I really that young and silly when we were sent from the nursery?” She kept the thought to herself; Caleb was with them and, being the same age as Kayla, he would probably take offense.

There was a world of difference between the Caleb and Kayla. She had fainted during her first combat mission. After the battle, she had been unresponsive – nearly catatonic for days. Caleb, in the same battle, had barely survived an explosion. He had just recently been released from the hospital. So now they were here on a scavenging mission instead of on the front line.

“I found something!” Kayla shouted. She was probably exited about nothing, Savannah thought.

Going to Kayla’s side, she saw a large box labeled “Do not open until 2057.”

“Something interesting after all,” she thought. Out loud she said “It’s” probably been there since 2007. Back then, things like time capsules seemed important.”

What a difference 20 years makes.

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