just normal

Oh, I’m just a normal girl. Nothing special. I like my toast to be toasted, not destroyed and I like my coffee to be just right like any eight year old. By “just right”, I mean 0% coffee and 0% cream. Never mind, maybe 75% cream. Yup, just right!
I’m just another little girl who likes her teddy on the left side of the bed, not the right.
Also, I’m just another little girl who saw her daddy shot in the head in front of her face when she was only three and later realized it caused her to have agoraphobia.

See, I told you. I’m totally normal.

agoraphobia is the fear of going out of their “safe place” in other words, their home.

-Hey, go ahead and write a sequel. I already finished the story in a rush, so it kind of sucks. I wonder how you’d write it. I bet’cha it’s better than mine.

No, this isn’t me in the story. It is all PURELY FICTION .

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