Captured? Or Possibly Simply Run Away?

“Just, let me go get a pencil and paper – knowing you, you’d forget.” he says, but I have a bad feeling about letting him go, for some odd reason.

Trying to calm myself down from my laugh attack, I lay horizontally on the chair, plopping my legs up on one arm of the lounge chair.

Once my side-stitch is gone, I decide to make Shade a bit more comfortable, he’s been laying on the floor over on the other side of the room for almost an hour now, his back has got to hurt. Not that he was capable of doing anything about it..

After heaving Shade up on the chair I had been resting on, I decide to look for a blanket – something I vaguely remember them telling us to do during my medical practices before.. well, everything.

Just then, I see Jack sprint by me, still hopelessly searching for the potion that I really didn’t need anymore, I was going to make some.

“Jack, you ca-”

“No! I can find it!! Just.. hold on!”

With a sigh, I sit next to Shade, and realize:

Mike hasn’t returned yet.

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