Falling Asleep

How the emu egg’s shell managed to stay whole was semi-astounding. But not suprising – nothing suprising anymore these days.

Stirring the antidote constantly, I eventually grow bored of it. If this weren’t for Shade, I probably would’ve given up within the first half an hour.

It was officially two hours later.

My eyelids happen to be shutting for longer periods of time between blinks. The only thing actually keeping me alive, awake, and alert was the utter smell of the brew – it was disgusting.

Suddenly, I feel two arms wrap tightly around my stomach, dragging me away from my antidote for Shade. They start tickling me, and I guess that this would have to be Jack’s doings.

“Let.. me.. go!!” I muster to say through laughter, with tears pouring down my face.

“Just trying to keep you awake.”

“Well.. don’t! I’m.. fine.” taking my time saying each word.

“Why don’t you head to bed, I’ll take over.”


“Yeah, sure. If you’ll..” he paused to think, “give me a kiss.”

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